About the Artist

Nelson Cardenas

I remember so vividly my first day in art class when I was in the eighth grade Mr. Charles Shea kicked me out of class for being a clown, but throughout the year he saw something special in me that no one had ever seen before and the last day of that school year he asked me to meet him outside the school. He came out with two boxes full of art supplies and said to me “Promise me you will not stop creating and continuing to paint because there is something special about you that you need to bring out”. I never forgot Mr. Shea and I haven’t stopped my art pursuit ever since. My junior year in high school I received a scholarship to attend Rhode Island School of Design’s pre-college summer program where I discovered art history, lots of charcoal, out of the box thinking, drawing sounds and dreams all in one amazing summer. Art is very special to me and even though I don’t have a formal art education it is a big part of my life story. Art has given me access to many things that I never would have experienced otherwise and has in a way saved my life. I have an insatiable appetite for experimentation with all types of art medium. Currently I, like the cavemen before me, have discovered fire.  I have immersed myself in working with flames on wood and seeing, feeling, and smelling the outcome of a blowtorch. It gives me such a natural high as the wood panel transforms itself into beautiful shades that only Mother Nature can produce.

I am looking forward to what other things my never resting brain can bring to my artistic life. I don’t understand sometimes when artists say they are going to through a creative block. The way I see it, I wish there was more time in the day to be able to achieve the ideas that are “firing” in my head.



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